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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,   ETC.                321

with yellow curtains and scarlet postillions; then
a landau; and for fear of accidents, as we had
reason to doubt the state of the roads, then three
or four whiskies, and a large cavalcade of gentle-
men and black grooms with General Picton.

We reviewed the I4th Regiment at St. Joseph's
barracks, and breakfasted with the commanding
officer's wife and other ladies.

This ancient metropolis of Trinidad stands on
a beautiful rising ground over the deep vale and
winding stream of the same name. The moun-
tains rise boldly behind, and a little over the town
stands the venerable, strong fortress wherein Sir
Walter Raleigh surprised the Spanish governor in
his bed, after rowing up from the gulf with sixty

This antique castle, the former depot of the
archives, and from which all public acts were
dated, is now in a perfect state of repair, and not
the least dismantled, or worse than it was under
the Gran* Rey Philip II. It is built of wooden
frames and wattles, covered over with mud and
lime; the whole thatched with sea-flags and
rushes. The view from it is of a whole continent
of wood, where orange-coloured blossoms tinge the
forest with the colours of our fading beech in

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